On a special day, a whole body that can only be found here
Sake brewing story
A project to disseminate sake and Japanese culture to the world Wakon Project Sakawa


  1. 酒蔵と創る新しいお酒の楽しみ方

    By adopting an advance reservation system that utilizes the NFT mechanism, sake breweries are not affected by market conditions, and special sake with the water, soil, climate, human temperament, and harmony of the region and people. It is a service that provides a customized, full-fledged one.

Issuance of Digital Label® (NFT) to prove the uniqueness

Convert the package design to NFT and issue a digital design that proves the right to own the product. It remains a label after consumption of the goods, and the rights you own continue thereafter.

Limited sale with advance reservation system by crypto payment

Digital Label® is a pre-order system and will be sold exclusively by crypto payment (virtual currency payment). We will deliver a valuable whole bottle that the sake brewery really wanted to make.

Direct from the warehouse whenever you want

Once the sake is finished, the owner can request it whenever they want. Until then, important sake will be stored in the optimal environment at the brewery and shipped directly upon request.